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Tantra is a very misunderstood and controversial subject. The Sanskrit word Tantra means “to weave and expand.” The tantric path is non-dualistic, meaning there is no separation of the physical world and the world of spirit. Tantra sees the two as intertwined, and heightens our awareness that all the threads of our experience are part of the divine tapestry of life. Tantra is always encouraging us to embrace beauty and joy as well as shadow and chaos, so that we may embrace all experiences in life fully.

This 70 hour course aims to give our participants a thourough overview of the traditional yogic chakra system, both theoretically and experientially. We will provide specific practices that you will have time to dive into and then have feedback from the teachers on how to dive deeper.

You can move through the course at your own pace, however we suggest giving at least 3 days to each module or chakra to really dive into the techniques and recommendations for each practice.

We will explore the body chakra by chakra thoroughly so that you will have knowledge on how to work with your own body and develop different aspects of yourself according to this system.
Additionally, we will provide space for questions and answers that you can ask us at any time while moving through the course.

Online Tantra 70 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited

Self Exploration
​Breath Work


Online Tantra Course Investment $290 USD

The Online Tantra course includes:


Discover and dive deeper into an authentic overview of the chakras. 


Learn and practice tantric techniques to experience for yourself.


Support from practitioners with over 15 years of experience each.


Rediscover yourself after feeling disconnected for too long.

“Surrender is the keyword for Tantra; will is the keyword for Yoga. Yoga is the path of will; Tantra is the path of surrender.”

​Why Would I Join a Samasti Course?

    Our team has devoted a large part of their lives to exploring their inner worlds. On that journey they encountered many different teachers, some excellent, some challenging and some questionable. Through this exploration, they have distilled the jewels from various schools in order to provide a course that will help you to open to yourself and others. 

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