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Angela Perez

Co-Director & Senior Teacher

“Yoga is an amazing journey towards the deepest mysteries of our being. We need willingness to see, patience to accept and courage to keep on walking. Are you ready?”

With a blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life, it is equally her joy and honour to teach, study and share yoga and Tantra. Angela’s teaching style mirrors the way she practices – with complete joy and commitment to the path. She truly embodies the understanding that practice is a gift and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example of the true joy, power and potential of yoga.

Angela is completely devoted to her daily practice and her role as a teacher is a natural extension of that commitment. She has lectured and taught in many parts of the world on Yogic Philosophy, Tantra, Ayurveda and Kundalini and gratefully enjoys teaching Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Tantra classes and workshops currently with Samasti Yoga (BALI). Angela is a Yoga Alliance internationally certified yoga instructor at both the RYT-500 and E-RYT 500 level.

Sean Goldberg

Co-Director & Senior Teacher

“Yoga is a deconstruction process, a removing of all beliefs and identification, leaving behind who you truly are”

Sean Goldberg BSc (Physiotherapy) is a Co-Director and teacher of Samasti Yoga. His teaching style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Sean has taught on yoga trainings for various schools all over the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Bali and Australia. He is a registered physiotherapist in Australia and continues to work and treat cliental there. Sean regularly teaches meditation courses, workshops and retreats for people that suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Sean has spent his whole life working at integrating Eastern and Western philosophies to find a balanced view of the world and its mysteries. He spent the majority of 5 years studying, practicing and then teaching yoga in Thailand in a Tantric yoga school. He went on to do his 500 hour yoga and meditation YTT with an intense focus on silent retreats and an energetic form of Hatha Yoga. Since then he has spent the majority of 6 years between India, studying self awareness under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba and teaching on YTT’s in Bali.

Tomer Weiss

Co-Director & Senior Teacher

“Yoga is a process of healing of our heart, of becoming more present from moment to moment, of becoming who we truly are.”

Tomers , a trained psychotherapist, and yoga teacher since 10 years, is a Co-Director and teacher of Samasti Yoga. His thirst for knowing the truth about life and dedication to his personal practice has given him an abundance of experience that will guide you through each class with an open heart and great awareness.

Tomer has travelled extensively, backpacking through monasteries and ashrams, attending yoga retreats and studying eastern mysticism, Buddhism and traditional Indian Tantra. Over a 12 year long pilgrimage to search the authentic practices of yoga. The teachings he received along his journey impacted him in a way he could not have perceived and his practice evolved as he journeyed deeper into his own spirituality, discovering that the answers ultimately come from within In his teaching style Tomer shares with you, a culmination of all that he has learnt from various schools of yoga, including Bihar, Shivananda, Iyengar, Shakt-tantra and Isha and also from his personal experience with ego disillusionment, self-enquiry and observation as well as the psycho-spiritual work of healing that he has undertaken under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba.

Sinah Diepold

Senior Teacher

oga is a wonderful compass for a life in harmony with yourself, other beings and the environment.

Sinah’s love for yoga came unexpectedly and through detours, but quickly it became her philosophy in all aspects of life. 

Her yoga style is fluid and inspired by her background as a contemporary dancer. It follows the ripples and waves of the breath and invites you to follow our own intuition and trust and reawaken the intelligence of your body. All while honoring the alignment and precision of a safe practice for a strong and flexible body as a home for a strong and flexible mind.

Sinah is a true Munich girl and teaches with passion since she’s been 15 years old. With her positive energy and her smile she guides you through every sweaty and flow. During her studies in Sports Science at the Technische Universität Munich she decided to add a professional dance education to her schedule. After completing both educations simultaneously she went to New York for 8 months for an internship and training dance and yoga in different studios. In 2015 a broken heart led her to Bali for her first YTT with Sean Goldberg where she completely fell in love with Yoga. Since then it’s been her hearts desire to spread yoga, guide people and share her love in a free, accessible and joyful way. Inspiring people to leave the habitual patterns in body and mind to move towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

She has completed another 200h YTT and 150h Advanced YTT with Simon Park, has assisted him in is 200h YTT and will Co-teach with him starting 2020.

End of 2018 Sinah opened her own BodyMindTherapy Studio “Kale&Cake“ in Munich with her partner Sophia Thora where they offer Yoga, Functional Ballet Barre, Functional Training and Coaching in the heart of Munich.

Bernd Windhofer

Senior Teacher

Bernd has been throwing himself wholeheartedly into the deep waters of daily, dedicated yoga practice since the very beginning of 2001. Coming originally from the performing arts in various guises, he finally allowed the stage life to fade and the yogic life to come into deeper focus. Being drawn, from an early age, toward seeing, understanding and exploring life in its fullness and entirety,

He works with the tools of asana, pranayama, meditation, and study in order to plumb the depths of experience. His aim as a teacher is always to give each student exactly what he or she needs at any given time, which has led him to learning as much as possible about different modalities of movement, meditation and philosophical approaches.

Bernd has an abiding passion for helping to ease the suffering of others, which has led him down the path of yoga for therapeutic uses as well as yoga as a path toward ultimate freedom and truth. Over the years, he has gathered tools in his own practice and in his teachings from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, the yogic approach to therapy, as well as a thorough and continuing education in philosophies of all shapes and sizes.

The massive variety of meditation practices and traditions are a deep passion for Bernd, and he relishes the opportunity to practice and pass on these wonderful teachings. Expect to be challenged in his classes, but never pushed; thrown into the deep end, but always with a paddle, and always with kindness and care.

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